Medical manuscripts

Do you want to learn more about medieval medical manuscripts? If so, have a browse below.

  • The York medical manuscript (YML, XVI. E. 32)

    Contents (I) Herbal recipes The York medical manuscript consists of a series of therapeutic texts intended to restore the patient’s health.Most of the texts are collections of herbal recipes or receptaria. These collections contain plasters, ointments, syrups, powders or waters (amongst other things), made from herbs, gems and metals, to cure diseases or conditions such as headaches, gout or epilepsy. They date back to classical times and follow a head to heel sequence known as a capite ad calcem order. Contents of recipes Recipes are generally formulaic. They have: A heading that points to the illness or condition the remedy is going to heal. E.g. For gout that is in…

  • A Fifteenth-Century Medical Handbook in York Minster Library (YML, XVI.E.32)

    General description Books in York Minster Library York Minster Library is the largest cathedral library in the UK. It accommodates more than 90,000 printed works on various subjects that range from theology, ecclesiastical history, arts and architecture to other non-religious topics, especially playbills and books and pamphlets on York and Yorkshire history. Its 250 medieval manuscripts are unsurprisingly religious; however, like the rest of the collection, they cover other matters too. The Minster collection houses a reasonable number of medical books, including two late medieval manuscripts: York, York Minster Library, XVI. O. 10 and York, York Minster Library, XVI. E. 32. York Minster Library, XVI. O. 10 contains a collection…

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